Flat Rack Shipping

For a many years, flatracks have been used to transport all kinds of cargo around the World. Primarily set up to carry cargo that is not suitable to fit into enclosed containers the major shipping lines have increased their focus on flatracks over the last five years of so. Equipment that was troublesome in the past is now a lot more readily available.

This has led to many more opportunities for cargo shipping on flatracks and as carriers have implemented more safeguards and technology to control their loading and vessels the potential for damage on these services is now vastly reduced.

RoRack Shipping have a unique service that no other company can offer from Felixstowe port which provides the flexibility of a M62 corridor delivery with the reduced and importantly capped rate for tractor units and rigid trucks for shipment to East Africa. This service can be set to include all charges at destination ports therefore you will receive your trucks on their own wheels exactly the same if you had moved them via a Roll on Roll off service. Indeed for shipments into Kenya we can provide you with a nominated CFS with up to 30 days free time at destination giving you additional free time to arrange the customs clearance and ultimate release of your units.

This service has been running for over two years now and has proven very successful and cost-effective for our valued clients.

Additional to this we can also provide services to an ever-growing number of destinations from Felixstowe throughout the World.

Some of the destinations we can offer include Colombo, Chittagong, Auckland, Hong Kong and many more.

Contact us for further details.