RoRo Shipping

Roll on Roll off services have provided an easy and safe method of transport for vehicles around the World for many years. The basic premise of Roll on Roll off (or RoRo) shipments is that anything with wheels or tracks can be driven onto the huge vessels which effectively act as floating car/truck parks keeping your cargo under deck and away from the elements and rust inducing sea water until it reaches the required destination.

Normally consisting of 3 to 4 decks the top decks are normally used for new and used cars and the lower decks for high heavy cargo.

High heavy cargo can include trucks, excavators and trailers even accommodating 100t cranes, train carriages and huge quarry equipment.

At RoRack Shipping we specialise in providing our clients with a wide range of services via Ro Ro vessels to destinations around the World.

With decades of experience of the pitfalls clients may experience when shipping their vehicles, we can help you to ensure your cargo arrives at the required destination in the same condition it left the origin port. Whether your cargo is used, new or a classic vehicle, we will ensure the right service is selected for you and that your consignee receives their cargo in the condition they would expect.

Whilst our main volume is through to Mombasa, Dar es Salaam and Walvis Bay we also provide services to clients for their shipments into a huge number of ports including Lagos, Tema, Auckland, Shanghai, Jacksonville, Limassol, Durban, Mersin, Georgetown, Freetown, Port Kelang, Dubai and many, many more. In fact our clients can be assured of a total coverage of the World’s busiest ports via our RoRo services.

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